For the past 35....... years ive been a motivator, trainer.  coach, advisor, entertainer, role model, confidant , friend , occassional nice bully , shoulder to cry on plus much more....( yes these are just some of the  things that we fitness trainers - wellness and lifestyle coaches some!)

As  former owner of  a   Fitness & Wellness Centre my team and I  helped 100s overcome their barriers and gain the skills and confidence  to  look and feel better about themselves and their bodies.
A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to health and wellness but they are not the total answer to acheiving that body you might be striving for,  or that once achieved ,this is the answer to your happiness.

What it the answer then? - (I hear you r distressed cry! ) - well it's  Attitude and Mindset !

By changing habitual behaviours, habits, thoughts and beliefs you can rid yourself of those things/ thoughts that have held you back from what it is you really want.
The power of positive thinking is amazing but you might wonder  "how do i change the way I think"? -  it's easier than you might have thought! (hah, pun intended!)
I can teach you mind management techniques with the aid of hypnotherapy (natural and very relaxing!) and this can quickly and easily  change the way you look,  feel and think and behave.
 Hypnotherapy may be the missing link to successfully reaching your goals, be they weight loss,  motivation , cravings , self confidence, fears, sleep, anxiety  or any other area of your lfe you may wish to improve.
Contact me  and we can have a chat about how I may help you- your consultation is free!
Services available:
                     Want changes? try Hypnotherapy- Empowering you to be the person you want to be.
Feeling stiff, sore, injured or  stressed? Have a Massage  - Deep tissue- remedial- Sport- relaxation
Want a stronger more supple, toned body?
Pilates  covers it all!  (classes and 1-1 available)
Short on time and motivation? Try Power Plate training.  A complete  resistance training session in 30mins! 

image-797635-VGB.jpgFinally, an easy way to help you gain control over your eating and help you achieve your desired shape and more

As a Qualified Shelia Grainger Method, Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner I am pleased to be able to offer this wonderfully easy and succesful program.
                            Note: Individual results may vary.
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 Program  includes  4  Personalised sessaions which include hypnotherapy techniques   over a 4-6week period.
                                     2 x personalised home recordings -  ongoing support and follow up session     $479    1 person       $579 / couple
                                    Additional coaching sessions are available at a reduced rate  EG : Exercise- massage-food for thought)

Client Comment: "Hi Alex here. I thought i would let you know that one year down and I have lost 22.5kg and Ashley has lost 27kg. I have recommended you to others, Thanks Heaps!"
Alx and Ashly  Rangiora

Changing Beliefs, Changing habits,  Changing lives!

Day and Evening Appointments  available
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                                   Wowness Clinic located :   Lincoln  Christchurch

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
Professional member Hypnosis New Zealand
NZ Registered Fitness professional
Certified Sport massage Therapist


Hypnotherapy may assist you with many problem areas including:

Weight Reduction * Eating habits* Cravings* Sleep problems * Stress or Anxiety * Bedwetting *  Pain Relief * Fears and Phobias * Confidence * Public Speaking * Sporting Focus & Improvement * Emotional Control * Exam success  plus much more..

Hypnosis is a  natural, safe , easy and effective way to help you achieve  personal  goals  and affecting desired changes.

Here's feedback from a client re: fear of flying

Hi Karen
""Thanks heaps for this. Just wanted to tell you I flew to Hawaii last week & no issues at all! Well.. other than fidgety sitting so long!! You cured me! Thanks heaps"
Please contact me to book your free no obligation,  confidential consultation

Fees:  $120  initial  session , aprox 90 mins,  includes a comprehensive consultation and support recording
           Discount available on multiple sessions -  Note: Some issues may be resolved in a single session
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