Hi, Karen here.
 For more than 35years,I have been helping others enjoy all the benefits of  a healthy , active lifestyle . As a fitness and wellness coach  and former owner of  Women In Motion Fitness & Wellness Centre my team and I have helped 100s of women overcome their barriers and gain the skills and confidence  to  look and feel better about themselves and their bodies.
We know that diet and exercise  alone is not the answer to acheiving and maintaining a healthy weight,  size and shape, or that acheiving these goals is the answer to happiness.
Changing habitual behaviours, habits, thoughts and beliefs will change the way you look and feel. and what seemed so hard before, with the aid of hypnotherapy can become just part of your day. NO WILLPOWER Required!
I beleive that Hypnotherapy is the missing link to successfully reaching your goals, be they weight loss,  motivation , cravings , self confidence or any other area of your lfe you may wish to improve.
Give me a call and we can have a chat about how I may help you.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their minds can not change any thing- George Bernard Shaw

The Virtual Gastric Band :
A few Kilos to lose or morbidly Obese  , if you are feed up with battling weight problem, health issues or yo yo dieting this program can make the difference- what have you got to lose?
Finally, an easy way to gain total control over your eating and achieving your desired shape and size.............read more

As a Qualified Shelia Grainger Method, Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner I am pleased to be able to offer this wonderfully easy and succesful program.

 Program consists of 5 Personalised hypnotherapy sessions over 4-6weeks
2 x personalised home recordings
 ongoing support

Add On :4 x  Personal Training session 
Private Coaching Fitness training
also available
$30 /30 minutes
$55/ 2 x weekly

1-1 Vibration training on our
Power Plate
will target those trouble areas and improve cellulite, muscle tone, fitness, strength and bone density amongst other things ....Check it out
MASSAGE Therapy  : Theraputic/Sport/Relaxation
$65/ 60mins  $40/ 30mins

Relax, Rejuvinate, Repair and Recover
More Info..

Changing Beliefs, Changing habits,  Changing lives!

What is Hypnotherapy...   
Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which uses a relaxation technique to access the subconscious mind and re-program unwanted patterns of behavior. It’s very safe and natural and can have a profound effect on your beliefs.

Hypnotherapy can assist you with many problem areas including:

Weight Reduction * Eating habits* Cravings* Sleep problems * Stress or Anxiety * Bedwetting *  Pain Relief * Fears and Phobias * Confidence * Public Speaking * Sporting Focus & Improvement * Emotional Control * Exam success  plus much more..

Hypnosis is a  natural, safe , easy and effective way to help you achieve  personal  goals  and affecting desired changes.

Hypnosis is a very enjoyable experience and you will be quickly be put at ease with Karen's friendly and welcoming manner.
Let me show you how you can use the power of your mind to change your life.

Please contact me to book your free no obligation,  confidential consultation

Fees:  $85  initial  session  which includes a comprehensive consultation - approx 90 minutes
            $195  3 sessions -  Note: Some issues may be resolved in a single session
                     You will also receive a downloadable support recording for use at home.
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I Have Day and Evening Appointments  available
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Phone : 021 2692391
E: karen@tranceform.co.nz
                                     Address : Hornby Christchurch

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
Professional member Hypnosis New Zealand
NZ Registered Fitness professional

Certified Sport massage Therapist